Will the real leader please stand up.


1When the going is tough the tough get going. This is not just a phrase shared by
gym buddies. When the world becomes starkly real in tough business circumstances. that is when real leaders stand up.

How do you tell the difference between real leaders get going.

  1. If the leader takes direct control of everything, you are possibly not seeing great leadership. This leader dis-empowers everyone and everything.
  2. On the other side of the coin, you are also not seeing great leadership if the leader abdicates and stands back.  This leader’s role is to highlighting failure, in so doing failure seems inevitable .
  3. You have lost leadership all together if the leader periodically scatters his toys all over the scenery.  This leaders’ credibility has become a joke.
  4. When leaders start focusing on the sins of others rather than their own failures. When this happens, leadership has left the building.

In times of great pressure,  great leaders keep their cool, they remain focused on the core objectives, they build effective collaborative…

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The 10 Cs Of Communication

Little things that Matter - Lalita Raman

Communication can make or mar relationships at any level. Clarity is key to communication. Communication is not only verbal but also includes body language. Clarity in communication substantiates supports, authenticates and endorses the conversation.

Rely on the meaning, not just the words. You have to always think Why are you saying what you are saying and How do you want your receiver to feel after you have said what you have to say.

What is Important in Communication?

1. Clarity – less is often more and keep it simple and short.  This is one of the main reasons for the importance of elevator speech.

 2. Commonsense – a word once spoken cannot be recalled. Know Yourself no matter what situation you may be in. You need to apply good judgement and keep a degree of level-headed in every aspect of life.

 3. Consistency – trust is built only with consistency. Being…

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Women and Senior Leadership Part 2: The Differences Between Us

The HR Juggler


The CIPD’s HRD conference seems a long time ago already. However, there is much on the session I attended on Senior Female Leadership Talent that I have not yet written about and much of the content has continued to percolate around my brain long after the conference finished and initial blogs were shared. The topic matter isn’t easy, but that’s never a good reason in itself not to share the content and reflect further on it…far from it!

Catherine Sandler of Sandler Consulting was the second speaker of this session and she shared her research, experience and insight on the topic of senior female executives, which was fascinating and could easily have filled a session in its own right…if not several. I hope to do it…and her…justice, in the overview I have pulled together below.

Catherine posed the question of what motivates women and asserted that any discussion around enabling…

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