People Person


Are you a people person?

For years unsuccessful Human Resources candidates would say ‘I’m a people person’ somewhere during their interviews with me. Inside I always thought, that’s too bad, if you were more like a cat or a dog person you’d have a better chance as I’d understand you more.

On the inside.

Thankfully the candidate pool has evolved enough that I seldom hear that anymore – or our recruiters are doing a better job in screening noting that the “people persons” never got past first round.

Yet a more insidious relative of the people person has now infested organizations and in many cases escaped beyond the bounds of HR.

Beware the People Pleaser

Boundaries between work and social life are thin and permeable with our behavior remaining quasi-steady (unless we’re schizophrenic) across both. Thus some of this may apply in your social life.

But let’s talk about work.

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