Will the real leader please stand up.


1When the going is tough the tough get going. This is not just a phrase shared by
gym buddies. When the world becomes starkly real in tough business circumstances. that is when real leaders stand up.

How do you tell the difference between real leaders get going.

  1. If the leader takes direct control of everything, you are possibly not seeing great leadership. This leader dis-empowers everyone and everything.
  2. On the other side of the coin, you are also not seeing great leadership if the leader abdicates and stands back.  This leader’s role is to highlighting failure, in so doing failure seems inevitable .
  3. You have lost leadership all together if the leader periodically scatters his toys all over the scenery.  This leaders’ credibility has become a joke.
  4. When leaders start focusing on the sins of others rather than their own failures. When this happens, leadership has left the building.

In times of great pressure,  great leaders keep their cool, they remain focused on the core objectives, they build effective collaborative…

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