We must learn to communicate to lead.

The Six Element

c47 flyoverThis will be the last post in this series.  I have discussed at some length now the difficulty of communicating effectively, the importance of getting it right, and some techniques for doing so clearly and persistently.  The last thing I have to say about this important subject, for a while at least, is that a failure to communicate can be a death sentence.


Failure to communicate is a death sentence to relationships.  I began this series with a humorous blurb from a 3G Tactical poster I saw about a husband and wife who aren’t communicating well.  Yet in truth, there is nothing funny about it.  I know from painful personal experience that poor communication in marriage can lead to heartache.  I am blessed with a wife who has stood by me while I have slowly learned how to tell her how I feel, but it is still something…

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