The Five Key Benefits of Leading the Learning

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After 25 plus years developing and facilitating training for clients in a wide variety of industries large and small,  a consistent theme I see is that there is a lot of management and very little real leadership going on.  

This phenomenon was no more apparent than in the area of organizational learning.

Commitment to Learning

A commitment to learning initiatives from leadership becomes clear through their commitment to the process of learning and growing people.  You can readily spot the ones that throw dollars to paint the picture of developing staff and the ones who are truly committed to it.  The attitude is reflected in the leadership which is then also reflected in the attitude of the learners.

Part of the failure is in the ability of the leaders to see that direct connection between leading and learning on its many levels.

U.S. President John F. Kennedy planned to point…

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Blame Game


Who’s to blame?

HR people and bosses spend time listening. People want to share their stories and have a need to be heard. Its part of the human condition to commune with others.

By and large this is a positive: the ability to engage with and hear the perspectives of others can often be the difference between a different and diffident workplace.

Yet sometimes we hear a theme we need to push back against:

Who’s to blame?

Victimhood is an ugly and useless excuse. Sometimes in listening we hear a refrain of ‘someone/thing did this to me – that’s why I’m where I’m at.’


You are where you are because that’s who you think you are

Some believe external agents – a boss, the government, an ex or co-workers – are responsible for our condition. If ‘they’ hadn’t done this or hadn’t done that, things would be different. I’d…

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