Blame Game


Who’s to blame?

HR people and bosses spend time listening. People want to share their stories and have a need to be heard. Its part of the human condition to commune with others.

By and large this is a positive: the ability to engage with and hear the perspectives of others can often be the difference between a different and diffident workplace.

Yet sometimes we hear a theme we need to push back against:

Who’s to blame?

Victimhood is an ugly and useless excuse. Sometimes in listening we hear a refrain of ‘someone/thing did this to me – that’s why I’m where I’m at.’


You are where you are because that’s who you think you are

Some believe external agents – a boss, the government, an ex or co-workers – are responsible for our condition. If ‘they’ hadn’t done this or hadn’t done that, things would be different. I’d…

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