Job Etiquette: Eat, Pray, Find A Job

Job Etiquette By Paula

Over the past week, I have been observing a religious holiday and attending my house of worship. You are probably wondering how I could make a connection about jobs at this time; I would be too! Several people stopped by to exchange greetings and several with stories about relatives or friends who are looking for a job. It’s a four letter word (JOBS) that makes it’s way in many conversations and settings.  Jokingly or not they said they would “pray” for jobs for their loved ones or friends. That’s what got me to thinking about this.

 In my opinion you should not “pray” for a job.

Pray for confidence in your self and your skills.

Pray for courage to accept decisions from employers (positive or negative).

Pray for strength to read postings, send resumes and wait for responses.

Pray for guidance to make the right choices for yourself.

Pray for

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