Surround yourself with passionate people

A Heart's Echoes

photoHave you ever listened to someone speak passionately about something?

There’s a sparkle in their wide eyes. They gesture wildly, and talk so quickly it’s like their tongues can never catch up with the thoughts in their heads and neither can you. Yes, sometimes they lose you. Actually, a lot of times they lose you.

But there is something about passionate people that I find quite fascinating. When they speak they get so carried away by the ocean tides of their ideas, they are unanchored, and they tend to pull you with them. In real time, as you listen to them, you might actually be captivated by their manner of speech even if you understand nothing from the content.

Another thing is passionate people are quite rare to find. A lot of reasons contribute to this. A lot of times people are passionate about things they are not really exposed…

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